St Patrick’s Day – Friday

St Patrick’s Day


In the morning I woke up with excitement. I put on my clothes as fast as possible because I knew we were going to do outside activities and games. I went running to School when my Mum dropped me off and played with my friends in the park until the bell rang for learning. When It did we went to class because we were going up church soon.


I walked up to church for St Patrick’s Day with my classmates. I saw more people than usual. There were people praying which is what I like hearing because I just love the sound of people worshiping God. It makes me feel welcomed. The school sat down as we were waiting for the church to start. The church was set up nicely in green to represent St Patrick’s Day.


Finally the people praying have finished so it could start. The Altar servers came, along with the Priest. Everyone started to sing while they were walking towards the altar. The introduction came up then the prayers of the faith and a group of singers were singing for solo parts. (cantor)


The Priest read the bible and welcomed everyone for people that came to the celebration. It was time to eat the body of christ. Everyone came up to him and he blessed them. It was a nice time at church to spend time with God.


Since the church was long it was morning tea already. I got my tea and ran out to the park. I had fun playing with my friend and tried to complete a parkour by climbing poles. When the bell ran I knew it was time for games.All classes met in the canopy with water bottles and hats. 


I was so excited and they called out people’s team names. When my one was called out I was one of the eldest so I had to take care of 2 frustrating kids. 

One of my friends was a leader and had a card. It had numbers which were taught in the same number of classrooms.


 We went to my teacher’s game which was in the bottom court. We played scatter ball and we were in the throwing team. I helped the young ones throw the ball and run. We kept switching sides and it was fun!


When we finished I soon realised it was time to announce how many points we had. My team won the most points and we jumped with joy. The principal came outside from the office to ring the bell to move to another activity. (another teacher). We played Rock, paper and scissors with one of my favourite teachers and we played Gumboot throw with another teacher. We went walking at the canopy for our next game.It was pretty fun!


Lastly, the next game was on the top court. It was called T-ball. We were in the fielding team and the other team was in the throwing team. The other team threw a ball and we used teamwork to try and win!


When the Principle came to ring the bell all teams went back to the canopy to eat ice blocks. We enjoyed our day and did our inside activities and nominated our MVPs for the week.

Art: Manga

I learned about manga and it was very interesting. Manga is Japan’s most famous and important art style and they are basically comic’s or graphic novels.

This challenge was about making our own manga characters. Here is mine: I was pretty good for a starter!

Art: Cat fight!

This drawing reminds me of when I was playing water guns on Christmas with my cousins. There were three of us and we started to splash water on each other. This drawing is my type of Christmas and it looks like the kittens are having fun!

These kittens look very energetic and happy.

Art: Diwali

This coloring that I have done is inspired by one of India’s biggest festivals. Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, and Fiji celebrate this festival as well by wearing their finest clothes and having feasts with their family and friends.

I chose this coloring because it was so beautiful and artistic. The lady in this drawing has a nice navy blue Indian dress and is preparing for Diwali.

Art: Summer Learning Journal

This coloring I made was inspired by Christmas which is going to be celebrated very soon. This coloring makes me feel like playing jenga with my cousins on Christmas day and gathering with my family. My favourite part of this coloring is the cute reindeer’s about to fly on Santa’s sleigh.

This Summer Learning Journal is super fun because I love art as one of my favourite subjects!

Tamaki Touch Tournament

When the gates open we rushed into the canopy and lined up ready for the tournament. When everyone was here, we started to walk and cross the road. With excitement I was Jumping up and down with joy.

We were half way there and saw tents and mats already set up for us and schools arriving. We all sat down and had something to snack on before the tournament. Some people were doing vlogs on their phone.

There was a beautiful beach in front of us. We could hear the sounds of the ocean sway back and fourth. We had our first match then we walked to our number field and started to play.

We tried our best but we lost because they were big and too good. Us on the other hand were so small and didn’t really work as a team. But at least we had so much fun and trusted in ourselves.

We lost on all the other matches sadly, but there were still Room-8. At the end we cheered for them and hoped they would win. They lost but still came 3rd place. We tried our very best in ourselves and still has smiles in our faces when we walked back to school. We were very proud.



Adventurous Laura!

Early in the morning everyone was drowsy and exhausted. It was the day I was going to Samoa! We drove to the Airport and sorted out our luggage. As I was walking I glanced in the air and saw a big plane hanging from the sky.

My Family and I came early so we sat and waited until it was time to go. There was a big entrance that we would go into. It was time to go so we pulled our luggage handles up and zoomed off to catch the plane. There were heaps of seats.

We sat in our booked seats and had little TV’s in front of us! The plane started to rumble. My Grandma was go glum and I could tell she was hoping her prayers would answer her.

We were given free headphones so we wouldn’t distract Passengers from sleeping or relaxing. I played some music and watched movies with my headphones on while drinking my delightful apple juice.

Then I had a little sleep and was awoken with hot cakes in front of me! With my stomach full I drank up my apple juice and laid myself back on my chair, relaxed hoping this would end soon. I felt nauseous and sick.

But luckily I saw a nearby land and I just knew we were arriving in Samoa very soon. I was ecstatic inside I couldn’t wait to see the other side of my family! We went in the airport looking everywhere for my uncle who was picking us up.

We hopped in their modern car and gave lots of compliments about it. We drove and  parked to wait for the ship to come and pick us up. We waited and waited. The ship finally arrived when darkness started to appear.

We gave our tickets that we purchased and went in along with the car. It took 3 hours. We gave my family members food for some fuel. I would hear the ocean breeze and feel it sway and feel it pushing it against us.

I saw light and shouted with despair meaning everyone was too cozy and sleepy. Our car came off the ship and took us another three hours to arrive to our destination and it was already pitch black.

We saw cows running away from their homes like maniacs, almost hitting one. I saw familiar people from our village going for a night stroll knowing we were close to home.  Kids began crowding our car as we parked into the garage.

Younger kids I last saw when they were babies were questioning who I was. Answering them My eye caught one of my favourite people in Samoa.  My Great-Grandpa and Grandma! They were very delighted to see me.

I went inside and ate salty sea grapes, pork soup that I drizzled at and a loaf of bread that was perfectly cut and was spread with butter. I enjoyed eating and there were 2 more days until my Great-Grandma and Grandpas birthday celebration.

I finished eating and hopped into my bed. I made myself comfy and went to sleep. When I woke up, all the children had already eaten. I got ready and went and sat down to eat eggs on a slice of bread.

In the evening we went for a stroll to a nearby beach. The water was clear blue and It was just my family there. I heard the crashing waves. We finished and went to a pool in another village to wash all the sand off our body.

2 days had pass by it was my Great-Grandma and Grandpa’s birthday today! We all wore our matching merchandise for the family and it had a picture of them. I chuckled because they put in a green screen of a royal chair for my Great-Grandma.

We celebrated with two cakes representing them. We hit off some music so we could dance to it. I helped my cousin with his live on Facebook. We went to feed some chickens and tried to open old coconuts on the floor.

We continued staying in Samoa and playing fun games with cousins and relatives!


(My Dearest Family)