After Happy ever after

“Brianna wait for me!” yelled Zachary, Brianna waited for Zachary and looked up at the stunning view. Zachary catched up with Brianna and walked to the cliff because it’s where you get the nicest view. As they were walking,Zachary and Brianna heard a little girl yell “Help!” near the cliff.


They ran to the cliff as fast as possible and saw a girl holding a ginormous balloon taking off with the balloon. Zachary and Brianna thinked quickly and took both of her legs and pulled them back to the cliff. 


“Thank you so much for saving my life!” The little girl said. “No worries there were other kids doing something similar then DIED” Zachary trying to scare the little girl.”Im not dumb those are just rumours” The little girl said angrily.


 Brianna laughed at Zachary and elbowed him “ow Brianna!”. The little girl offered them to watch the view with her and come for dinner at her house later. Brianna and Zachary agreed and watched the gazing galaxy view.


 They talked about what the real world was like. The real world was called “earth” but their ancestors were working with a famous legend called Buzz Lightyear. So they are stuck forever in a world far from the real world. One day Zachary and Brianna wanted to go and build a ship and save all the people and go to earth. 


The little girl had a spring green watch that lets her know when it’s dinner time or call her parents when it’s an emergency. Her watch was buzzing and it said “Dinner time!”. The little girl told Zachary and Brianna it was dinner time so they walked to the little girl’s house. Their eyes were amazed by how big the little girl’s house is.

The parents came to open the door for them and welcomed them with a generous smile and greeting. When we reached the diner table, Brianna and Zachary jaw dropped. The little girl forgot to tell her name and said “Oh by the way my name is Naomi and I’m 11 years old!”. Zachary was only 2 years older than Naomi and was surprised because they thought she was 7 years old.


They all sat and butchers came and served us a big chicken with cheesy onion on top, with gravy that melted in your mouth and  potatoes surrounding the chicken. Everyone dug in and had the best dinner in the world!

For writing, Mr.Bell taught us this trick called “lifting a line” It’s about taking a sentence from a story you have made and using it as a start of your new story. It made huge differences and changed my story more interesting.

Basket Ball P.E

We lined up in a line and walked down to the bottom court and started our P.E session. We all got Basket balls and did some practice around the court. Coach Trey told us to gather around and put the Basket balls back in the net bag. We played Bulldogs which are similar to Octopus and Bull rush, but we have to  bounce the ball in order to get to the other side without the ball being taken by the opponent. There were only boys left because they were too fast and too tricky.

Our next game was where we separated into 2 teams. The Number 1 team lines up with one basketball and the Number 2 team goes in a circle and passes the ball and counts how many they pass to each person.  Number 1 does a lap around the circle and counts how many laps each person made. People swap sides and whoever gets the most points passing it in a circle under the time limit will win!

Kaitiakitanga Adventure!

In class a guy called Chris Judd and he said our subject was about pests and predators and a little bit about nature. He showed us some traps and explained about them.

The bus arrived and everyone got in a line, everyone started walking towards the gate and entered the bus. Everyone was talking until we arrived at Cornwall Park.

My friends and I looked at the amazing view. We saw sheeps everywhere and their poop smells horrible. When we arrived at our destination we split into two groups and had supervisors named Lisa and Charlie.

We explored and talked about trees and pests. There was a little box called the weta/cricket hotel. We saw poisonous traps because they are used for killing or trapping pests or predators. We switched groups but instead my group went with an Auckland Council member, Chris Judd.

Chris and our group went for a walk and explained deeper into trees and traps. It was fun because he would tell us where the traps were and we had to spot them. We spotted this bird and it had a pukeko-like head and a chicken body and it moved like a chicken.

Chris gave us binoculars to have a better look at trees. When the other group arrived we laid the mat and took out our lunches and had a lovely picnic. We played games such as snakes and ladders. The bus picked us up and went to school with a smile on our faces.

Chris Judd Came on the bus with us and gave us this thing called a tracking tunnel. He gave us a tracking card which had ink in the middle and he said it was best recommended to put peanut butter in the middle of the tracking card.  



Laura Afoa’s Fish

Today I did the Cybersmart Challenge 7. The Challenge was about making a scene underwater with Google drawing. It was super fun making it. I used my creative brain and put some details on to make it more interesting. I put a photo of a Diver  of them looking for seafood, and fishes with beautiful orange scales and one with a black and white hat, If I do it next time I could be more creative!

By, Laura

Cricket Game⚾

At School my class and I went to the field to play cricket. Our coach taught us new games and one of them was called “Power Play.” We had to spread into  two teams only and throw the ball under our arms. Each team is in a square and you need one ball. It was so much fun and my team had lost almost all the rounds but I enjoyed it so much.

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